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Thank you for your interest in the Plan Sponsor, whose mission is to contribute to the integral development of children living in the most vulnerable communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Among these communities is the province of Kasai Oriental, in which we wish to focus our efforts. We aim to provide access to education and nutrition, as these are pivotal for success. Additionally, this will aid in preventing child labor and school dropout rates, and spare the children’s inevitable future of backbreaking work to build their respective mud and straw shelters.


What is the Plan Sponsor? The Plan Sponsor is a commitment to financially and emotionally support a child of our foundation, by making a monthly contribution of $30. This payment not only secures their education, nutrition, and recreational activities, but more importantly, acknowledges their academic progress, begins to develop and improve their quality of life, and thus beginning an affectional bond. By participating in this program, each sponsor will receive a photograph and a letter from the child they sponsor in our foundation.


What are the benefits of being a sponsor? Children are the future of a country. As a sponsor, your ultimate reward will be"to see a child smile because he/she can study and nourish him/herself."


How would the child benefit from the contributions donated by the sponsor? During the time you decide to make a donation, the money donated will go towards the education, food, health, recreation and sports of the supported child.


Who can be a sponsor? The only condition for you to join our efforts is: You must have the necessary disposition to sponsor the child.


What is the minimum time span to sponsor a child? A child must be sponsored for a minimum of one year, to allow for adequate nourishment and the completion of the academic year.


We invite and encourage you to help these children. With your help, we can change lives. Help up build a future filled with HOPE for our children in Kasai!


Ready to change a child's life?  Click on the button below to get started! In a few days, you will get an email with the name and photograph of the child who's life you are changing. 










Use the button below if you wish to check out with your credit or debit card.  Please make sure to enter the number 30 under the field labeled "Donation amount" and make sure to tick the box that says "Make this recurring."

Use the button below if you'd like to check out with PayPal.

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