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Board of Directors


Ana Lucia Ramirez-Rincon

President and Chief Financial Officer


Theodore Kanyiki Ilunga

General Director 

Program and Evaluation Committee Chair


Javier Rincon Hoyos

Vice President

Ana Maria Abiseid


Finance Committee Chair                                 


Maria Maria R. Calderon



Mariana Rincon

Project Manager


Carlos E. Calderon

Governance Committee Chair

Advisory Board

Governance Committee Members

Javier Rincon Hoyos Architect 

Felicien Illunga Wadishota

Carlos E. Calderon Committee Chair

Marketing Committee Members

Cris Garcia-Cassals

Program & Evaluation Committee Members

Javier Rincon
Silvia Esposito

Eleonora Cacchione-Roversi


Public Relations Committee Members

Miami, FL

Silvia Esposito

Roxanne Uddenberg

Fort Collins, CO

Marisa Harton

Daniela Maria Harton

Providing Health - Committee Members

Dr. Jose Esposito

Cr. Kevin McDonnell

Kids for Kasai- Youth Council

Ladies Council

Gabriela Esposito, President

Gianna Esposito, Vice-President


Gentlemen Council

Manuel Rincon, President 

David Alarcon, Vice-President 

Nicolas Alarcon, Secretary

Andres Incera, Treasurer

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