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Our mission is to facilitate the access of primary education to children in the Region of Kasai Oriental, creating the conditions that enable comprehensive education and equal opportunities for both sexes in these communities.

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Hope for Kasai is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the underprivileged youth of Kasai, Congo in Africa. We strongly believe in the importance of education and mentoring for these children. Our efforts are aimed to educate, motivate, and inspire these children so that they bring out the greatness that lies within them.


The education of these young children is the focus of Hope for Kasai. All of the proceeds will go directly to the cause. Hope for Kasai does not keep any of the donation dollars for staff salaries. We are strictly dedicated to helping these children, teach them values, and inspire them to one day help others in need. 




We're proud of the fact that 100% of your money goes to fund our projects in Kasai. We don't spend any of your donations on administrative costs. We don't spend it on shipping supplies. We don't use it to pay employees or to fund our yearly trips to Kasai.  Every last penny goes to program support.

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