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Sunset Donates World Fair Proceeds to HFK!

Sunset Elementary recently hosted its annual World Fair, and much to our delight, the 4th grade class generously donated all proceeds to Hope For Kasai! We are so grateful for the generosity and enthusiasm of the staff and the families of Sunset Elementary. During the World Fair, students from 4th grade collected $2,892.94 along with medical supplies ( 29 bags of cotton, 36 boxes of gauze, 59 boxes of Band-aid) and school supplies ( 2.320 pencils, 261 erasers, 567 erasers cap, 69 boxes of colored pencils, 22 boxes of crayons, 91 sharpeners,48 rulers and 36 blue pens.) for our cause. These items and funds will go directly to benefiting the children of Kasai. I (Any Rincon) will be personally delivering the collected items on my next trip to Africa in June and I cannot wait to share my experience with all of you when I return!

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