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Our Vision

We plan to start the construction of a shelter (a school of 6 classrooms, two offices) where children may have a suitable place to live and learn based in academic parameters (desks, chairs, panels, etc). We also plan to give each child school supplies required for each grade level (notebooks, pencils, crayons, books etc..), ensuring that they have a decent means to study. We aim for schools to enjoy the materials and supplies necessary for children to develop physically, mentally and socially in a healthy way, in an environment filled with freedom and dignity. To achieve this, we will build a drinking water well that will provide safe water and latrines to prevent the spread of disease among the school population. With this and the necessary cleaning tools it will be possible to maintain the facility’s sanitation. Money is regularly collected in order to provide children food, even if it is just a school snack. We also hope to incentivize physical development and health through sports (i.e. soccer) to achieve emotional stability through learning and health.


Additionally, to remind and stress upon the people the importance of training women to take on their role as mothers and educators through the use of informative lectures and audiovisual aids. We hope to build well-equipped rooms for delivering newborn babies with the appropriate tools and medication.

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